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Traffic Violations

Minor traffic violations , Red light cameras, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Reckless Driving

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Tickets / Traffic Court

Fighting or negotiating a traffic ticket, Appearing in traffic court, Hiring a traffic lawyer, Traffic school

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Driver's License Suspensions

Charges for driving with a suspended or revoked license

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TODAY'S Traffic Law NEWS

Auto Insurance Policy

How to Get Car Insurance Without a License

The question of the day is can you get car insurance without a license? Not having a license means that it may be difficult to get car insurance.

What is SR-22 insurance and what does it cover?

Driver’s licenses are a common possession among many people over the age of 16.
Red-Light Camera

Illinois Red-Light Cameras: Pros, Cons, and Convictions

Have you ever driven through an intersection just as a traffic light was turning red? If you did, maybe you noticed a quick flash from nearby in your rear-view mirror.

Welcome to the expert page on the topic of Traffic Law.  Traffic Law covers many different types of topics including rules to a obtain a license to operate a motor vehicle,rules requiring issuance of insurance, filing process for registration and vehicle ownership, rules in order to operate a motor vehicle on the roads, procedures for handling violations and more.

Traffic Law 101

The laws that govern traffic regulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Traffic laws are important because they help to keep people safe when traveling.  The rules surrounding traffic laws are usually local and are enforced by local police authority. Typically a violation requires that the driver make an appearance in traffic court in order to dispute the charges of the violation.  A person may plead guilty rather than fighting a traffic violation but multiple infractions could potentially lead to the Department of Motor Vehicles of suspending or even revoking a drivers license.

Fighting A Traffic Ticket

A person that wants to fight a traffic ticket will need to be prepared to defend their conduct in traffic court.  Traffic court judges will listen to the testimony given by the driver to determine whether the conduct is a violation of the law.  It is not uncommon for a police officer that issues the ticket to give testimony on the validity of the ticket.  A judge will make a determination based on the testimony of all witnesses and an evaluation of the ordinance violated.  It is critical that a person in traffic court be prepared, mind their manners, show up early and be respectful.  Traffic courts are typically extremely very busy  with a high volume of cases to be heard every day. 

Hiring A Traffic Attorney

A qualified traffic attorney may be able to help get a ticket squashed but it is always difficult to determine whether it is worth the time to hire a lawyer. The cost to hire a traffic attorney will vary depending upon the nature of the violation.  A small violation such as a parking ticket or not obeying a traffic signal may not be worth the time to hire a traffic attorney.  The fines imposed for violating a rule may be smaller than the cost of hiring an attorney.  Typically a person will want to consider hiring a traffic attorney when the infraction can result license suspension or revocation.  A driver with multiple driving infractions may also have their insurance company refuse to issue state mandated insurance.  Hiring a traffic attorney when the consequences to losing in traffic court may be cost-effective but it requires careful consideration on the likelihood of success because a traffic attorney will want to be paid regardless of whether they are successful.  A traffic attorney may cost as low as $1,000 and as much as $3,000 depending upon the nature of the violation.

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